August 17, 2013

Stolen Time Episode 28 - Wayward Time

In this special, final episode I share some new about me and the Penslinger website, then share an early version of the first two chapters of Wayward Time, the third book in The Borrowed Time Chronology.

Thanks so much for listening! Be seeing you!

Run time: 32:27

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June 21, 2013

Gettin' Schooled

I graduated from high school in June of 1981. Later that year I attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College and in 1983 I was awarded an associate in applied science degree in data processing. An internship turned into a real paying job, and my career was born. Thirty years later, working with computers is still my day job, although we call it "information technology" now.

Throughout the years I've thought about going back to school and getting a bachelor's degree. Indeed I actually took a couple of classes at Western Michigan University toward that end. But two semesters of painful economics classes and a move across the state put that effort on hold.

Well, starting next month that "On Hold" status changes to "In Process". On July 2, I start my first class that will eventually lead to receiving a bachelor's of business administration in business information technology. I'll do most of my course work at Walsh College, a local business-centered school, and they will eventually be conferring my degree as well. My first course, and a select few of the rest, I'll be taking at Oakland Community College because they are cheaper there and they transfer.

When I made this decision I learned that I was short an Intermediate Algebra class that I had to take before Walsh would accept my application. I could take the course at Oakland, but I would first have to take a math placement exam showing I knew enough to get into that class. Ah, math. My old nemesis.

Since I hadn't done any algebra since high school, and sucked at it then, Julayne tutored me for three weeks. Last Saturday I went and took the placement exam. To my great surprise, they placed me in a calculus course, two levels above Intermediate Algebra! And since the higher placement alone meets Walsh's math requirements, I get to spend the rest of the summer taking an English class instead of an math class. Ahhhh!

So the plan is that starting this fall I will be taking two courses a semester (fall, winter, summer) and should eventually get done late 2016/early 2017. I'm going to be a busy, busy boy.

For those of you who are followers of my novels and podcasts, this effort will definitely have an effect there. First of all, I don't foresee doing another podcast novel until I'm done with this. It just takes too much time. Likewise, I expect I will not be taking part in NaNoWriMo. However, I do have three full novels "in the can" as it were, and I am still going to try to get those edited and released as e-books during this time.

That's my news today. Now when I grouse about having to drive across town for class (which I do this summer) or about my homework, you'll know why. I'm-a gettin' edu-ma-cated!

January 23, 2013

Stolen Time Episode 27 - Closure

In this episode Ness and Angie visit Glenn's former office to confront the danger hidden there. (Chapter 29)

Here it is at long last, the final episode of Stolen Time! In the intro I talk about my future plans including a feedback episode I'll be releasing in a couple of weeks or so. So if you have anything to say about the novel, or have a question, drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook (here or here), email, or call the listener line at (248) 289-0143 and I'll play your message on the show. I'll also be reading an excerpt from Wayward Time, my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel and Book 3 of the Borrowed Time Chronology.

I want to thank my wife Julayne for all her help in editing the novel, listening to each episode to make sure I'm not mumbling and saying everything correctly. Her help is essential in making this happen.

I also want to thank everyone who listened, commented on my Facebook pages, and tweeted about the novel. You are why I do this, and I really hope you enjoyed the ride.

Run time: 26:42

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January 16, 2013

Stolen Time Episode 26 - Resolution

In this episode the balance of power shifts before chaos erupts in the lab. (Chapter 28)

This is the penultimate episode! Next week will see the conclusion of Stolen Time along with a few timely announcements. Don't miss it!

Run time: 20:31

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